Hello! Remember us? You know, that band that put out a load of tunes earlier in the year? Well, we’ve only gone and made ANOTHER new tune, and a video to go with it (courtesy, as ever, of our amazing friends at AshTV).  For the minute it’s on our Facebook page – click here to give it a whirl.  Please share it about with your friends, as this is the only way we get others to join in the fun. This is, essentially, what the song is all about.

This is a taster of a rarities album.

Meanwhile, it’s about time we came out to see you again… the fun kicks off this week with a FREE gig in Blackpool on Thursday, followed by Wolverhampton on Friday (as part of Ginger Wildheart’s Halloween bash for the second year running).  Then lots more to come next month – visit the Gigs page for the full list.

For those of you coming to the tour, we’ve got some excellent new merch too, including something that a lot of you have been asking after for a long time. Take a look below and come see us or whoever is manning the merch desk at a gig.





We’re pleased to announce our only Lancastrian gig for the rest of the year – The Waterloo in Blackpool on Thursday 29th October (please note: this has been moved from The Blue Room, which has now closed).

This will act as a warm-up for the tour, where we’ll be doing a full set plus a few extras to find out what works and what doesn’t!

It’s FREE ENTRY, and who doesn’t like free entry?!

There’s an updated flyer to spread around below.

While we’re here, our long-term video collaborator and even-longer-term friend Ash Pears (he of AshTV fame) is shaving his head for Macmillan Cancer Support. Ash has had one of the longest-running mops in Huddersfield Rock History, so we’re pleased to support him with this venture for a great cause. Plus, we think he’ll look mega hard with a shaved head.

Go here to see more:

There’s not much other news right now – we’re just cracking on with real life and so on.

See you in October and November,

tourFlyer_WEB w Blackpool


We’re going back on tour.

tourFlyer_WEB w Blackpool

These will be our last dates of 2015. Also on the bill for York, Huddersfield, Worcester and London are our good friends Tropical Contact.

It will be great to see you all on the road again. Do come see us. Support independent live music at the heartlands!


soor_ploomsWell, that’s the brilliant ‘BRAIN WAVES’ tour over. Highlights? Too many to mention… singing for our lunch at the Bluebird Cafe in Edinburgh, our first trips to Aberdeen and Guernsey, Soor Plooms, amazing Mexican in Sheffield, Huddersfield floods, ridiculous packed house and singalongs at Camden Rocks, the Brown Chalice… too many highlights to mention.

Mainly amazing gigs with YOUR smiling faces… every single night.

THANK YOU to the ace people who came to help us out: Matt Delahunty (tech and driving), Rob Smith (merch) and Kelly (merch).

THANK YOU to the amazing bands who joined us at the gigs, making a great night from start to finish: Tropical Contact, The Scaramanga Six, Blackout Hotel, Modern Day Dukes, Obsessive Compulsive, RUNoffthestatic, Honest Crooks, Santiago Kings, Produkty, Buzzbomb and all the others who came and played with us.

THANK YOU to all the amazing promoters who helped out and did a great job: Kev in Newcastle, Fudge in Aberdeen, Mainy in Glasgow, Christian in Edinburgh, Mikey in Huddersfield, Jacko in Hull, Stu in Sheffield, Me in Manchester, Mat in Guernsey, Mark in Leicester and Chris and Jen in London.

And most of all… THANK YOU to every person who came out to support LIVE MUSIC and UNDERGROUND BANDS like ours.

We’re so pleased that the album seems to have gone down well. To see people singing along to every word to an album we only finished a couple of months ago was really gratifying and truly brilliant.

Next? We’re looking at some dates in November. Hopefully see you then.

YOU are brilliant,