Hello all,

We’ve done a new video with our friends at AshTV. It’s called Misery, and it goes a little something like this:

Please watch it and spread it around if you do that kind of thing. You know the drill, we’re utterly DIY and need all the help we can get. Etc.

Plus, our Pledge campaign ends this Friday:

There’s already been a bunch of videos from the studio, as well as a four-track Yorkshire covers EP and a taster EP from the accompanying album Rarities, which is full of unreleased stuff from our decade of being a band. Coming soon(ish) is a Live EP and some Q&A vids.

I’m no good at the hard sell, and it’s not really our style, but if you like this kind of thing, and you like supporting DIY underground music, you could do worse than getting involved in our Pledge campaign.

Oh, and 10% of what we make is going towards our friend Scott Sorry’s medical fees fund. Scott was the bass player in Amen, The Wildhearts and Sorry and The Sinatras, and he’s recently been battling a brain tumour. Because he lives in America, his medical fees have been astronomical, so lots of people are helping him raise some cash to pay for that, and to pay for lost earnings. Scott’s one of the good ones, so we’re helping him out too.

Cheers all,

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