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Even the tame know her given name
She lives her life at speed.
She’s out to impress, ‘cos she’s wearing a dress
That’s so tight I can hardly breathe.
She got thrills, she got spills
She got cocaine and a big bag of pills.
I’ve seen her type and I’ve heard the hype,
And it scares the living shit out of me.

Well she’s twice my age,
And my God she rattled my cage.
And something tells me that her whole world is a stage…

She asked me, ‘Are you ready?’
I was born ready.

My reputation takes an elevation,
A roller of renown.
Her four-star ways leave me in a daze
Along with half of my town.
She got wheels, she got heels
And I made a donation to her sex appeal
I’m at my best when I get undressed,
Attempting to astound.

But I’m only me.
I’m okay to some degree.
Not exactly Don Juan D I think you will agree.

She could be my salvation.
It smacks of desperation.
Just venting her frustration.
Figment of imagination.

She asked me, ‘Are you ready?’
I was born ready.