Our Chris has been busy again making his second solo album!

It features Dave Draper on production, and Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine, Killing Joke, Pitchshifter) on drums).

For all the deets, go to and to buy, go to

There’s a CD, a shirt and – for the first time – a vinyl, which comes in an amazing die-cut sleeve with a magical 180g vinyl inside.

And if vinyl sales go well, then we’ll look at reissuing the Eureka Machines stuff on vinyl, too.

Anyway. Go have a skeg!



Are you missing live music as much as we are?

The roar of the greasepaint?

The smell of the crowd?

You can have the full warts-and-all live experience with this wonderful 16-track LIVE AT LEEDS album… from our now-legendary gig at our favourite venue, The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on 22 November 2014, hallowed by most as our best-ever (until that point, at least…).

This was the one we filmed for our DVD. Mixed by the band and Andy Hawkins, and specially mastered by live album guru Dave Draper.

It’s up for sale for Bandcamp Friday – for the first Friday of every month, Bandcamp waive their fees and pass on all the cash direct to the artists, to support us during the pandemic when we aren’t able to play live.

We miss live music so much – both playing and attending – and hope that this compendium of live brilliance – starring you lot as much as us – serves as a nice reminder of what’s just around the corner.

Cheers, as ever, for your support.


Our Chris has been at it again, and the first single from his upcoming album is HERE!

It’s called Make Good Art and it stars multi-billion selling author and filmmaker Neil Gaiman on lead vocals… kind of.

It was recorded with Dave Draper at The Old Cider Press (Worcs) and Chris’s House Studios (Leeds… obviously). Mastered expertly by Dave too. James Hamilton on trumpet. Mad Gallica on gospel choir. And the MIGHTY Jason Bowld on drum duties. Everything else by me.

Video by Oly Edkins for No Focus.

It’s a call-to-arms for doing the best we can with what we’ve got in difficult times. Let’s have 2021!

This is the first song from the long-awaited follow-up to Life Is Often Brilliant… it’s called KALEIDOSCOPES and it’ll be out in April. Pre-order will kick off in March.

In the meantime, still available on the webshop are the EM facemasks and Chris’s ‘Very Best Of Quaran-Tour’ album, featuring a load of Eurekas tracks.

PLEASE spread this around as much as you can! THANK YOU!



When we started our band, one of the first people who joined in, encouraged us and helped us out was Vicky Peck, seen here in the typically effervescent red t-shirt at the video shoot for our song ‘Pop Star’, who came to see us in the very early days and rapidly became a friend to us all.

Vicky designed our original ‘lightbulb’ merch and was an ever-present at our gigs in the West Yorkshire area, as well as further afield when able. It wasn’t just our band she loved – there were a whole host of like-minded DIY groups that her and her intrepid (and equally lovely) husband James followed up and down the country.

Vicky was a truly beautiful life-force who always had a smile on her face and would help anyone, either with a chat at the bar or a lift to a gig or a hand with a merch design, usually just because she wanted to support our scene, our community and our people.

A more hospitable, kind and – possibly most importantly – loved person you would be hard pushed to meet.

Sadly, we lost Vicky on Christmas Day following a return of the cancer that she had fought hard against a couple of years ago.

When I say ‘we’, I mean our band, our friends, our colleagues and most of all the wonderful and brilliant community of people that surrounded us all, of which Vicky was such a supportive figurehead to us all.

We can’t quite believe that we won’t see her out and about at gigs any more – ours or anyone else’s – but we would like to think that her memory and excellent influence will live on through the community and love that surrounds all of our bands, and the joy that she brought to all of our collective nights out over the years.

We’ll miss you Vicky. So much love to her husband James and all of the people affected by this – which we know will be a vast amount.

The only thing left to say is LOVE.

With a lot of that, and an equal ton of respect,