It’s a quiet time for Eureka Machines but the cogs beginning to whirr and we are looking at what comes next. We are writing for a new album now and putting together ideas for the long-awaited ‘Rarities’ album, which is looking like a double-album behemoth of unreleased and rare stuff. It’ll take a little time, but we’re thinking about launching a Pledge Campaign later in the year.

Speaking of Pledge Campaigns, go have a look at the Scaramanga Six thingy for their new album ‘Chronica’. Consistently amazing and a source of inspiration for underground bands everywhere, this will be the mighty Scaras’ NINTH album, and promises to be a riot. Pledge here:


Hi all,

Thank you ALL for coming down to our spiritual home, The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, for an amazing night last Saturday. If you were there, you know what was so spectacular about it. If not – make sure you get a ticket next time. It was a truly incredible evening, and you lot were the reason why. THANK YOU.

In other news, Chris’s Pledge campaign is coming to a close – everything is going in the post over the next few days, but there is still time to order a CD and/or a print. The ‘official’ release date will be March 31st, but if you want to go direct and cut out the middleman, go see

Cheers all – we’ll be back later in the year, or early next. X


Our Chris has launched a Pledge Campaign for his new solo album ‘Life Is Often Brilliant’. There’s lots of stuff to get hold of, and Pledgers receive a sneak preview of the album in the shape of a completely new song called ‘Far’. Go to for all the fun and games.

Chris is promising some obscure Eureka Machines demos as a bonus for Pledgers, as well as a ‘best of’ Chris and Davros’s old band Catylyst and the long-lamented Robochrist EP, all specially remastered for 2017.

In the meantime, Eureka Machines got together for their first rehearsal for 100 years last night, and are pleased to report that everything still works.



It’s been a while since we did anything. We’ve been busy with children and careers, and all the stuff that middle-ish age brings. But we thought it was time to dust off the pipe and slippers and play a gig, or a ‘concert’, as we call them nowadays.

On Saturday 11th February 2017 we’ll be playing our favourite venue in the world, The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, for a one-off gig in celebration of life, love and the Universe.

It’s also Chris’s birthday, but that’s a happy coincidence as much as anything. We’ll maybe go for a pint after, like.

Also on the bill are one of our favourite bands BABY CHAOS, who we’re bringing down from Scotland for their first Leeds gig in 100 years. They’ll be doing a special long non-support length set.

Opening up are CHRIS CATALYST’S GROUP doing their first ever gig. More on that very soon. Chris is launching a website and a new video for this new project tomorrow.

There will be some other bands added to this bill as time goes on.

Tickets are available NOW at:

There’s also some hotel links on there, for out-of-towners.

This will be our only gig in the first bit of 2017.

The last couple of gigs we’ve done at The Brudenell have sold out, so don’t be shy in getting tickets.

See you there.