We are very sad to report the passing of our artist, collaborator and friend, Tony Wilkinson. We met Tony years ago near the start of the band when he offered to do some artwork for the band. He showed us his portfolio and it absolutely blew us all away. He designed the ‘Champion The Underdog’ crest backdrop which we always play in front of, and then painted the incredible cover of ‘Remain In Hope’. You can see Tony and I above with the original. Later, he did some similarly brilliant artwork for the Ginger album ‘Albion’ (which you can see on the inside booklet) and some work for our pals The Scaramanga Six too.

Tony was an unbelievably talented bloke who I don’t think ever really knew how good he was. Last time I saw him was about six weeks ago, he was taking some photos of me (Chris) for a new piece of artwork he had kindly offered to do, we had a coffee and a good chat and he was talking about taking his art a lot more seriously, which I thought was a fantastic idea and a really positive step. Sadly, the news this morning was that this was not to be.

Tony also tirelessly supported our band, coming to see us all over the place with his partner Kerry, as well as putting on some ace gigs for us in his hometown Darlington, usually with his excellent band The Lost Rockers in support. A particular one that springs to mind is when we played his birthday party a few years ago, and he got up and played Champion The Underdog with us (he was a great bass player too).

Above all, Tony was a great friend who it was always a pleasure to see at our gigs near and far. He always had a ready smile and a beer in the pump for us.

Our band is much more than the four blokes on stage; it’s also the people around us who muck in and support us for the cause of good music and great times. Tony was part of that family, and we will miss him immensely.

Huge condolences and love to Kerry and his family and many friends.




It’s that time of year again when we ask you to do us a favour and VOTE for us in the Pure Rawk Awards.

We don’t really go in for the whole ‘music as a competition’ thing but the Pure Rawk Awards are a purely independent venture run tirelessly by hugely supportive people – and voted for by YOU, so if you have a minute, please get involved.

You can vote HERE:

Other worthy people in our opinion are Mikey at the Parish in Huddersfield for Promoter Of The Year and Local Venue Of The Year, Julia Arnez from The Scaramanga Six for Axe Hero Of The Year, Jim Jones for Single Of The Year, Paul out of HECK for Bassist Of The Year and the mighty Dead Sea Skulls, Love Zombies and Hellbound Hearts for New Band Of The Year.

Don’t think that you have to vote for us, you don’t. In fact, I think you should all vote for Ben Janet (Tropical Contact) for Frontperson Of The Year.

In other brilliant news, this month there’s been a new addition to the Eureka Machines family, as Adele (or Mrs Wayne Insane to her mum) gave birth to the fantastically named (and coiffured) Vincent Stephen, weighing in at a mighty 10lb 9oz. Mum, baby, big sister Betsy and Dad are all doing very well. Congratulations and love to all.


Chris is on tour helping out CJ Wildheart this month, go see them if you’re in town.




(pic: Harry Long Photography, taken at the Blackpool Waterloo gig)

Thank you all so much for a wonderful tour. We’ve gone on about it elsewhere, and everywhere, and at the gigs, but it bears repeating:


We had such a good time and we hope you did too. We’re taking a little time out now while drummer Wayne goes off to become a dad again. Good luck and Godspeed to Wayne, Adele and Betsy.

Cheers all, and see you next year, we reckon.


(Update 16/11/2016 – the raffle has now been drawn and the winner was Stuart Riding… congratulations! You can still donate if you wish but be aware that the draw has now taken place)

Many of you will have heard about our great friend Trudi Knight‘s recent bad luck in having over £4000 worth of camera gear stolen.

If you don’t know Trudi, she can be seen at many of our (and others’) gigs with a big fancy camera, chronicling the brilliant nights out we share together.

We’ve used several of her fantastic photographs for our album covers and website and so on, and, being of a similar DIY mindset, she’s always donated her time and effort for nothing, for the cause of our band

So now it’s our turn.

I’m raffling the first Pure Rawk Award I ever got – for ‘Frontperson Of The Year’, which I (very gratefully) received in 2010.


This is one of my most prized possessions but I’m very keen to raise some money to get Trudi back on the Kodachrome Road again.

I’ll also chuck in a signed (by all of us) Eureka Machines setlist and handwritten lyrics (by me) to whichever of our songs you like.

A £5 donation to counts as one ticket. Log into your PayPal, hit ‘Pay Or Send Money’, then ‘Send Money To Friends Or Family’.

Make sure you put a note saying ‘EM Trudi’ or something with your donation. We’ll draw it in a week’s time (Monday 16th November).

This is a one-off chance to win a truly unique item that, let’s be honest now, would look amazing next to your telly.

I will miss it very much!!

Dig deep and good luck!