We may well bang on about it all the time, but we are totally on our own here… We do everything ourselves, from designing and printing the posters which go to every venue, to booking the gigs, to releasing the records, to getting press for those records, and so on and so forth. Notable exception includes designing the lightbulb (thanks Vicky), the sleeve to the album (thanks DJ Matt Reid), doing the website (thanks Damo) and printing and photocopying posters (thanks to the people whose names I won’t mention who surreptitiously do it at work).

So we’re ALWAYS after help with stuff, whether that be helping us get some gigs, or putting up some posters for us in your town, or giving out some flyers, or e-mailing your like-minded mates a couple of tracks of ours (we’re not too precious), telling promoters about us, playing (or requesting) our records at a club, spreading the word via popular social media channels such as Facebook, and so on and so forth.

In terms of posters and flyering, contact us if you think you might be able to help for any forthcoming gigs. You will be rewarded in rock and roll heaven, where Hendrix jams with Moon and Easy E scats over the top of it. (Not that type of scat.) Oh and always ask before putting up posters, because otherwise it makes us look like pricks. And please never flypost in your town – that is a sure-fire way for us to lose fingers (seriously).

If you can help in any way, we will do our best to get you into gigs for free or cheap, but we can’t always promise it. We’ll definitely get you a beer, wine or fruit-based drink, though. Be very aware that without people’s help and support, we cannot carry on being a band and doing gigs. This goes for all of the very many very cool underground bands in the UK – support your local bands, and your local venues. Thank you.