Hello all,

We just wanted to give you all a quick update on how we are getting on.

Work continues frantically on our new album VICTORIES, which obviously we are going to say is our best yet. But we think it is. Again. Why would we do it unless we wanted to constantly beat what we did last time?!

We’re knee-deep mixing the thing at the moment, which, as ever, is a gargantuan task, but it’s going really well and we’re really pleased at what is coming out of the speakers.

The Pledge campaign is cracking on successfully as well. We hit 100% of our target on the launch night (again – thank you lot, a LOT), and pledgesters so far have had half an hour of update videos on how we’re getting on in the studio, with tons of behind-the-scenes footage with clips of the new tracks and information about our pants. Next week, we’re putting out a sampler EP of the RARITIES material, which we think you’re going to love.

If you have like-minded music obsessive pals, please share the Pledge campaign and tell your friends about it. We have a message to spread and we feel it’s spreading, and the more the merrier, so now is a good time to share.

We’re still on course to have the album in your ears at the end of Feb/start of March (preliminary listening party date – Thursday 1st March) and in your homes by the end of March/start of April.

News update over… back to the studio (via the kettle).

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