Hey you lot,

Our Shop is back online for all of your CD/t-shirt/print/DVD/download needs.

We’ve got the very last few of the previously Pledge-only ‘Japan’ shirts up there (we always hold a few back in case of any going missing in the post). PLUS for the first time our double-CD ‘Rarities’ album is available EXCLUSIVELY at our shop.

Also back in stock at reduced prices are the signed lithoprints at a bargain £5 each (inc UK postage) or £7 for each one, and the DVD for just £6 (inc UK postage). Plus a load of discount combo deals etc.

Buying direct from us is the best way to support our funny little band, so if there’s anything you want, now’s the time to go have a look.

Cheers for the continued support, and hope to see you at the gigs in September.


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