The Pledge campaign is drawing to an end now, but there’s still time to cop hold of a CD and/or a DVD, and/or a beautiful lithoprint of the classic ‘Remain In Hope’ artwork by Tony Wilkinson, and/or one of the remaining three ‘as used on the LP’ drum heads. Get involved if you haven’t already!

The album will be onsale on the website and at the gigs, but pledging is the only way to get hold of all the exclusive content – the covers EP, the live album ‘Tied Up In Notts’, the video updates, the Q&As and the SIX ‘double-b’ side tracks. It will stay open for a few more weeks to pick up any stragglers!

Official release date is MONDAY 11th MAY. The Pledge people think we might have a chance of getting in the charts with this album, particularly the rock chart, so we’ll undoubtedly be badgering you to tell your pals then. UK Pledge sales count for this, as do iTunes and Amazon and the rest, so we’ll be in touch with links for you all to spread.

Thanks to all who’ve helped out over the Pledge campaign… more on this next week.


BRAIN WAVES #eureka4

Hi all,


Our new album BRAIN WAVES which we’ve been harping on about for nearly a year now is LIVE over at www.pledgemusic.com/eurekamachines.

If you click on the ‘updates’ then you can see the one which says ‘BRAIN WAVES – available to download NOW’ – hit it and get downloading!

This has been a labour of love for about 18 months now, from when the first songs were written (it was initially going to be an EP) to now, when the full 12 tracks of glory can finally be permitted into your lugholes.

The Pledge campaign has gone better than expected, thanks to YOU LOT, so we were able to invest some of your extra cash into the production, which we think shows.

We think this is our best album yet, and we hope you do too.

Thanks so much for being part of the process – and it’s not over yet. There’s more exclusive downloads to come, including another covers EP.

Let us know what you think,


Pure Rawk AwardsThanks to ALL who voted in the Pure Rawk Awards… we came home with FOUR (count ’em) trophies – Drummer of the Year (for Wayne), Bass Player of the Year (for Pete), Frontperson of the Year (for Chris) and Band of the Year (err… for Dave). We had a great night celebrating just how great our band is. I mean, how great our fans are. Thank you all so much for voting, it means a lot that people care about our little silly group. And cheers to Nix and all at Pure Rawk – brilliant people supporting great things.

Our new album BRAIN WAVES is FINISHED and ready to drop. There will be an online listening party next week, on Thursday 26th March, starting at 7pm. This means we put it online for you so we can all hear it together and have a natter about it online on places like Facebook and Twitter.

A good place to get involved is the Facebook fan page CHAMPIONS N’ UNDERDOGS. There’s loads of good people on there and everyone will be chatting about the album and the tour there.

We’ve got a new video coming very soon too, so keep your peepers peeped for that.

We’ll speak very soon, then…


You’ve about a week left to vote for us in the Pure Rawk Awards this year.

We’re up for Band Of The Year, Frontperson Of The Year (for Chris), Bassist Of The Year (for Pete), and Drummer Of The Year (for Wayne).

There’s loads of good stuff in there – lots of good pals’ bands and so on. So do get involved – a vote in the Pure Rawk Awards is a vote for the spirit of independence and DIY spirit.

Chris from the band will be playing at the Awards do itself on 6th March in London. Go down and support the lads if you can.

Cheers all