(Update 16/11/2016 – the raffle has now been drawn and the winner was Stuart Riding… congratulations! You can still donate if you wish but be aware that the draw has now taken place)

Many of you will have heard about our great friend Trudi Knight‘s recent bad luck in having over £4000 worth of camera gear stolen.

If you don’t know Trudi, she can be seen at many of our (and others’) gigs with a big fancy camera, chronicling the brilliant nights out we share together.

We’ve used several of her fantastic photographs for our album covers and website and so on, and, being of a similar DIY mindset, she’s always donated her time and effort for nothing, for the cause of our band

So now it’s our turn.

I’m raffling the first Pure Rawk Award I ever got – for ‘Frontperson Of The Year’, which I (very gratefully) received in 2010.


This is one of my most prized possessions but I’m very keen to raise some money to get Trudi back on the Kodachrome Road again.

I’ll also chuck in a signed (by all of us) Eureka Machines setlist and handwritten lyrics (by me) to whichever of our songs you like.

A £5 donation to counts as one ticket. Log into your PayPal, hit ‘Pay Or Send Money’, then ‘Send Money To Friends Or Family’.

Make sure you put a note saying ‘EM Trudi’ or something with your donation. We’ll draw it in a week’s time (Monday 16th November).

This is a one-off chance to win a truly unique item that, let’s be honest now, would look amazing next to your telly.

I will miss it very much!!

Dig deep and good luck!



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