Pop Star

Thanks again to all you Pledgers! We’re at 206% as we write this, which, in four days, is astounding. Wow! It doesn’t end here, the more people pledge, the better we can make our album. Don’t think we’re joking when we’re talking about gospel choirs and string sections.

It also means that we think we can now afford to record the LP in what we think is the best studio in the North, with an amazing producer, so that’s pretty exciting. Still to be confirmed, but fingers crossed.

To say cheers to everyone who’s got involved, to try and drag more people to the party, and to generally Have A Laugh, here’s our new video for a song called Pop Star that we did.

(Permalink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOjOwyT8XEI)

We don’t like to beg, but if you’re that way inclined, please feel free to share it about on your Facebooks and your Twitters and so on. As ever, we rely on the goodness of you people to share this stuff about. Okay, we are begging. Spread the word!

The video was made by our wonderful friends at AshTV. Once again, they have pulled it out the bag with this fantastic effort. Thank you so much to Ash and Richy for being so great. Go and have a look at their website, which has loads of examples of brilliant stuff they’ve done.

The song was recorded at Cottage Road Studios in sunny Headingley, Leeds, where it was mixed and produced by Andy Hawkins and Chris Catalyst. Thanks to Andy for his hard work, patience and endless tea.

We’ve got gigs this weekend in Birmingham (Friday) and Worcester (Saturday), where we’ll be playing this and a couple of other new bits, and selling you new t-shirts, hopefully.

Hope to see some of you there, and cheers again for being so nice.


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