Thank you all again for an amazing run of gigs – Birmingham, Worcester, Hull and Darlington were four of our favourite gigs ever. Cheers to Percy and Givvi, Martyn, Tony and everyone who travelled to come see us. We were astounded that people wanted to give up their weekends to come see our little band, and it was great to see you all.

Meanwhile, everything in Pledge Towers seems to be going pretty swimmingly. This Thursday (15/11/12), we will be gifting a FREE NEW (old) SONG for you. It’s a track called Born Ready, which we recorded for the Champion The Underdog album. We didn’t get it finished in time, so we thought we’d finish it now and give it to you as a thank you for pledging. As with the video updates, live stuff and upcoming Cookery Corner, it is EXCLUSIVE FOR PLEDGERS so if you haven’t done already, now might be a good time.

There’ll also a new Pledge up for those of you who are searching for something to buy pals for Christmas. It’s an exclusive and slightly bizarre Christmas card which contains a CD with a few choice EM tracks from the first two albums, plus Pop Star and our take on Silent Night. Pretty festive, I think you’ll agree. With this gift, you can send your pals the gift of music this Christmas, and spread the word about our little band. Lucky recipients will also be able to download the third album when it’s done, as well as get involved with all the exclusive web updates. The aim with this one isn’t to make a load of cash, but rather to tell like-minded fans of silly rock music about our band so they can join the party. You can buy as many as you like for your pals, so do get involved if you’re stuck for what to buy someone for Christmas.

Think that’s everything for now… stay e-tuned for more Pledge updates and so on and so forth.

Thanks again everyone for the support, we are blown away.
Eureka Machines XXX

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