Eureka Machines #3 Hits 167% in a day! Crumbs!

Hello all,

As we’ve said in about six billion internet places now, thank you all for your help in smashing our target and making it so we can record our third album. We are so very grateful to you all for making us realise that we shouldn’t knock it on the head and go work in Tescos or something.

There were a couple of little gremlins with the launch. In the T-shirt bundle, there was no XXL version of the Champion The Underdog shirt. This has now been rectified. If anyone wants to swap an order, get in touch with Cecelia on the ‘Ask A Question’ on your Dashboard thingy and she’ll sort you out.

Also, for a little while after the launch, our Pledge pitch video remained private, due to some YouTube problem. It’s back up now:

We’d really appreciate it if you shared this about on your Facebooks, Twitters and MySpaces (in 2006). The more people who come to the party, the more crisps and pop we can offer round everyone.

As a thank you to you lot for being so brilliant, we’re going to launch a COMPLETELY NEW VIDEO on Monday for a COMPLETELY NEW SONG called Pop Star (which you hear a snippet of on the Pledge Pitch Video). Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more info. It was made by our award-winning friends at AshTV, who have pulled out all the stops to make undoubtedly Eureka Machines’ (and, in our opinion, AshTV’s) best work yet. We’ll be asking you to spread this like ebola come next week, so get involved if you’re into all of that.

We’ll be playing this song, and a couple of the other new tunes, at the upcoming gigs, which are:

02/11/12     Birmingham The Asylum (with Drag)
03/11/12     Worcester Marr’s Bar (with Joe Patroni and Blacklist Saints)
09/11/12     Hull The New Adelphi (with Velvet Star)
10/11/12     Darlington The Forum (with Lost Rockers)
16/11/12     Doncaster The Leopard
17/11/12     Leeds Empire (Chris Catalyst acoustic set for MS Society Fundraiser, on at 8pm. Also playing are The Scaramanga Six, MonMon and Esper Scout).

Here’s the important bits you need: (which you are looking at)

Thank you again for your continued support. Please don’t stop spreading the word, you lot are our rock scene, PR machine and magazines. That almost rhymes, in a really crap way.

Lots of love and respect and no tongues,
Chris, Dave, Pete and Wayne – Eureka Machines. X

PS The eagle-eared of you may know that Chris from EM has been on tour in Ginger Wildhearts’ band, supporting Slash for the past few weeks. We gave Slash a CD. He said ‘it is brilliant, totally not what I was expecting. It’s heavy, but pop… it’s like… heavy pop!’ Home tomorrow. X

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