Hi all,

As the nights are drawing in, we felt it was time to pack away the Bermuda shorts, snorkel and flip flops and get on with some work for a change.

We’ve got some headline gigs which you should know about – London on 14 Nov, Rugby on 15 Nov and Leeds on 22 Nov. Please pick up a ticket, as these are all close to selling out already. All details on the GIGS page. Leeds in particular will be a special one, as we’re filming it for a DVD to be released on the upcoming Pledge campaign – more on this in a minute. These three are with our old sparring partners/lovers The Scaramanga Six.

We’re also doing a handful of support gigs with our pals/bandmates in some cases The Ginger Wildheart Band. That’s York on 30 Oct, Wolverhampton on 31 Oct, Manchester on 1 Nov and Glasgow on 2 Nov. Again, get a ticket, as these are all selling very well.

We’ve also just been announced for the brilliant-looking ‘WinterRocks‘ Festival at Sheffield Corporation on Sat 6 Dec.This will be our last gig of the year and last until at least March or more likely April 2015, when we hope to be doing some tour dates supporting our next album.

Ah, the next album.

We’ve got about 15 songs written and are currently wading through them all to rewrite and refine as much as possible. We’re particularly proud of this next bunch of songs. We’ve said that before, but it remains to be true. They’re a bit louder and more raucous than Remain In Hope, with a bit more of a punk rock edge, while retaining the pop, obviously. You’ll hear some of it soon enough.

We’re aiming to launch a Pledge campaign to help fund this album (and generally fund our band) in early November (which means it’ll inevitably be mid-November). There will be the customary CDs and signed bits, as well as a few new things you might not have seen before.

As I mentioned before, the Leeds Brudenell gig on Nov 22 will be filmed for a DVD which will be on sale through the campaign, which will feature the gig (obviously), as well as a bunch of other live footage (including the live stream of our gig at London Forum, which we’d thought was lost forever), all the videos we’ve done, and a bunch of exclusive interviews and commentaries.

In the meantime, we’re putting the finishing touches to an exclusive covers EP which you guys will receive for download as soon as you pledge. There will be nowhere else you can get these four tracks from, and we think you’re going to love them.

Someone asked why we were choosing to go with Pledge again… I think it’s a good format for a band like us, we have a great relationship with you lot, and we don’t take the piss. I’d like to think that you were well served during the last Eureka Machines Pledge campaign, and that everyone got everything they wanted and more. The aim is to carry this on. Pledge seems like the best way to do this.

We did well on the last campaign, completely thanks to you lot. Your backing meant we could spend a lot more time and money in the studio, and do more with the artwork and so on. It also sustains us at a time that live music is barely covering its overheads. Your money has helped keep us in guitars, drum sticks, strings and the occasional hotel room when we’re not dossing on people’s floors. We appreciate it. And it’s now time to do it all again.

Stay tuned!

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