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Well, that tour was about the most fun you can have whilst not sunbathing in a swimming pool full of Swarfega. Thanks to all those who turned out to see us on our best-attended and favourite bunch of gigs so far. It was a real honour to play those songs for you and a privilege to see everyone (seemingly) having a great time. We certainly did. Highlights included our first-ever sold-out gig (Glasgow), our busiest ever London gig (at the ever-brilliant Borderline) and the Leeds spectacular (with the amazing Scaramanga Six). It was all brilliant, though, and we’re looking forward to the next one…

… Which is this one… once again supporting the mighty Wildhearts, with the equally brilliant Baby Godzilla opening proceedings.

  • Friday 21st June – Bournemouth Academy
  • Saturday 22nd June – London Forum
  • Sunday 23rd June – Bristol Academy
  • Friday 28th June – Leicester Academy
  • Saturday 29th June – Newcastle Academy
  • Sunday 30th June – Leeds Academy

Please go to our gigs page for links to tickets and such.

After that, we’re looking to do some gigs in September/October/November-ish, so keep your peepers peeped/get in touch if you’re a promoter type.

There’ll be a few interesting bits between now and then too, so keep checking on the Eureka Machines Facebook page while you’re at it.

That’s it for now, cheers to you all once again.


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