First up, THANK YOU ALL for a truly life-affirming and brilliant couple of weekends of gigs. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Wolverhampton and London – give yourselves several pats on the back. It was so ace to see all your smiling faces again.

Second, we have an ALL NEW MERCH SHOP ARRANGEMENT THINGY. We’ve set up with Music Glue to sell you our merch, and as of RIGHT NOW you can go buy the last few of the ‘Zero Hero’ tour t-shirts, the amazing new enamel badge sets, the ‘Flags’ tea towel and mug combo and all the usual CDs, DVDs and prints etc, at spectacular bargainous prices.

We’ve also set up a proper Bandcamp page for both Eureka Machines and Chris’s solo releases, you can get the high-quality downloads of EVERYTHING over there now.

Finally, our next gig of the year, and possibly our last gig of the year, is ‘A BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT’ with The Levellers, Terrorvision, Therapy? and more. It’s going to be proper ace and the tickets are selling like hot things. Go here to buy.

Cheers all – you are totally brilliant.

PS. Special thanks to our new shoe sponsors at You can buy the very same Creepers we wore on tour here: – amazing shoes, amazing people!

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