Hello everyone,

In a rollercoaster year where we went from deciding we were more or less going to knock the band on the head, due to a feeling of general apathy and disinterest… to launching a campaign for YOU to fund our album directly which went, as you know, rather well.

We started the recording process for this back in September or October or whenever it was, and it’s been a long hard slog. Our stuff is a lot more complex than it appears, and we’ve worked very hard on making it as great as we possibly can, with the added pressure to repay your faith, and added freedom to do what we want to do with the extra money you afforded us. We are so immensely grateful for your help, and we can only hope we have paid you back with the entertainment you have received through our Pledge campaign – ultimately culminating in the eleven tracks we’ll be sending you very soon.

The artwork is also done. Again, this whole thing means we could put a little more into this than we have in the past, and we feel very confident you’re going to love it.

Remain In Hope album cover

Remain In Hope album cover

You (and we) have Andy Hawkins (mixing), Tom Woodhead (mastering), Tony Wilkinson (cover art) and Rich Jones (general artwork) to thank for this. Cheers guys for your hard work and patience.

The physical CDs will be with us, fingers crossed, in about two weeks. They will be posted to you as soon as we get them.

We are talking about having an online listening party which seems to have been brilliant for some of our friends recently. We’re talking about putting it online for you guys to hear on Thursday 21st February at 7pm. In an ideal world, the physical copies won’t be far behind.

Thank you for your support, for about the millionth time. We really, really mean that.


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