The Pledge campaign for album three, as you can see by that lovely new widget over on the right, has now passed the 400% mark.  Thanks again to everyone who has already pledged; if you haven’t, there’s still another 40 days so get involved!  For those that have already signed up, last week you would have had early access to a stream of the first new track from the album, but here it is now for everyone along with a nice video that quite literally speaks for itself:


The album will get a commercial release later in the year, but this way you’ll get it in your hands before anyone else, plus there are lots of fun exclusives that you won’t get elsewhere.  All this and the warm glowing feeling of doing A Good Thing.

On top of the Pledge-based excitement, we’ve also now announced a full UK tour, hot on the heels of the dates we’re doing with The Wildhearts.  Check out the Gigs page for the full list and get yourself down to a show or three!


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