It’s our Chris Catalyst’s birthday today (February 11th), and he’s done a couple of solo-project-style songs for you.

There’s two new songs up on Chris’s website and Bandcamp page for free or a ‘Pay What You Like’ basis. If you can’t afford it – don’t worry about it. This isn’t about the money – this is a thank you for all the support over the past few years.

Chris: ‘There’s two songs for you – the first is called ‘Happy’ and it’s a song about acceptance and growing and understanding. I feel very fortunate that, following a lot of ups and downs throughout my thirties, things have actually turned out pretty good now I’ve hit 40. It’s taken a lot of work, and more importantly a lot of support from lots of people around me, and I guess that’s why I wanted to do it as a giveaway. Someone asked me yesterday how I felt about turning 40, and I have to say it isn’t phasing me at all, I think because I am just in a really good and happy place, and just generally excited to see what is coming next.’

‘The second song is called ‘Dreams’, and it’s a bit different. I like them both equally in different ways, and I hope you do too.’

‘The idea of the song is to spread a bit of positivity in an increasingly negative world… My old pal Ash Pears has helped me out with a little video that we thought highlighted some things that might help people who aren’t feeling so good right now. Please spread it around, as it’s a good message, and as ever I rely on you all to be our PR team, music press and hype machine. Thank you, as ever!’

The video is HERE – please share it about on your Facebooks and your Twitters and your everything elses.

As this is Chris’s 40th birthday, there are a strictly limited – to 40, natch – copies of the handwritten lyrics to ‘Happy’ over on the EM MusicGlue page. Please note, these can’t be bundled with any other orders (because they are sent out separate from the other EM stuff).

Credits for both songs:

All music and words written by Chris Catalyst.
Drums by Hayden Scott.
Everything else by Chris.
Produced by Dave Draper. Twitter: @voltadave
Mastered by Dave Archbold for Kapow! Audio.
Artwork by Ana Valdez. www.anavaldez.com / Instagram: @badddcat
Video by Ash Pears for AshTV. AshTV independent music video production

In Eureka Machines news – we had a rollicking good time with Terrorvision the other night and are looking forward to getting out on the road a bit more in the Spring!

Thank you as ever.

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