557460_10151300385723490_40467080_n2013 has been a great year for Eureka Machines. Highlights included the fantastically successful Pledge campaign for our third album ‘Remain In Hope’, which achieved miles above and beyond what we’d ever hoped for; a brilliant headline tour where we sold out gigs in Glasgow, London and Nottingham; the tour with The Wildhearts where we successfully converted another bunch of wonderful people; and of course the birth of the first two Eureka Machines children (alright, I’m counting this year as starting towards the back end of last year, because it kind of did, for us).

Plus we got to raise a bunch of cash to give to our friend Tim Smith, which we couldn’t have done without you lot.

I try not to harp on about this too much, but we have achieved all this with only YOUR HELP… you are our PR company, our radio pluggers, our agents and our fundraisers. We are, as ever, bowled over by your consistent support for our group and we wanted to say thanks to you all for all of this.

During our Pledge campaign, superfan Lee pledged for us to do a cover of one of his (and our) favourite songs, ‘Heroes‘, by David Bowie (thanks Lee). We’ve souped it up a bit and overlayed it with a video retrospective of the year with our pals at AshTV. Here it is. As ever, please share it about with your pals on Facebook, Twitter et al.

(Of course, extra significance was given to this when, seemingly from nowhere, Bowie himself released one of the albums of the year.)

You can also download a hi-res or lo-res mp3 of the track here, so you can play it whenever you like. (Please mention this when you share it.)

‘Heroes’ (hi-res, 320kbps)
‘Heroes’ (lo-res, 128kbps)

This is our Christmas Gift To You.

Have a fantastic Christmas with all of your favourite people, and see you in 2014.

Eureka Machines X

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