The Pledge campaign is in full swing, with the first few video updates up there now, if anyone wants to see an interview with Chris and a big update from the studio.

We’ve added a new EXCLUSIVE over on the PledgeMusic website today…

It’s an 8-postcard (350gsm glossy) set featuring a bunch of fine Eureka Machines images. There’s:

  1. The ‘Remain In Hope’ cover art by Tony Wilkinson
  2. Ila Desai’s amazing shot from the Barfly the other week
  3. Neil Chapman’s ‘Queen Bow’ shot from the Brudenell the other week
  4. Tony Wilkinson’s brilliant ‘Champion The Underdog’ crest
  5. Tom Martin’s ‘Do Or Die’ cover artwork
  6. Tom Martin’s ‘Champion The Underdog’ cover artwork
  7. Rich Jones’s classic ‘Yorkshire Vegas’ design
  8. Rich Jones’s brand-new ‘Brain Waves’ design (with a natty calendar for you to stick on your fridge/computer/bedroom ceiling)


For UK purchasers, this is a mere £10. It’s a little more elsewhere.

However, that’s not all.


Remember the raffle we did last time after ‘Remain In Hope’ came out? We’re doing it again. This time – with even better prizes.

The prizes are as follows:

  1. Chris Catalyst’s Ibanez Iceman guitar
  2. CD No. 0001 of ‘Remain In Hope’ (THE FIRST ONE!)
  3. A painting of the band by the amazing Andrew Forcer
  4. A signed Eureka Machines tie
  5. An original ‘lightbulb’ t-shirt (the last one we know of!)
  6. Signed and numbered No. 0001 of the ‘Remain In Hope’ lithoprint
  7. A Eureka Machines hoodie
  8. A signed CD of ‘Somewhere Not Here’, an album by the late Rik Clay which Chris contributed to
  9. The long-deleted ‘Everyone Loves You’ CD single
  10. A Eureka Machines beanie hat

10% of ALL proceeds go directly to MIND, the mental health charity.

This will close on December 19th, when you will also receive an Pledger-only Christmas song. All UK purchases made before then will be posted out in time for Christmas, making it a great stocking filler for anyone – or yourself!!

The raffle will be drawn just after Christmas – probably on 27th/28th December – and the prizes will be sent out in early January.

Every postcard set comes with the album download – making it a perfect stocking-filler type gift for any Eureka Machines fans who haven’t heard about the Pledge or don’t have the means right now. Just make sure you ‘gift’ your Pledge when you do it.

As such, multiple purchases come numbered separately so that each postcard set has it’s own ‘ID’, so you know who’s won! Or you could just buy a few and not tell your pals this bit of info…

Each postcard set counts as ONE raffle ticket, and you can buy as many as you like.


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