Hello everyone,

As we reach the final stages of our Pledge campaign, it’s time for us to start telling you a bit about the artwork. Here’s a picture of us with it and the talent behind it – Tony Wilkinson. Thanks so much Tony, we love it.


All pledgers before a certain date (TBA) will receive the album in an exclusive limited edition numbered embossed slip case. There will be a cut-off point for this so please make sure you get your orders in ASAP. This is looking amazing and is absolutely 100% exclusive to Pledgers. Each will be individually numbered, so each is one-of-a-kind. We currently think it will be limited to 1000 copies. We’re also putting together some other goodies exclusively for you Pledgers too.

The album itself is reaching the final stages of mixing. It’s sounding absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait to play you it. We’re overjoyed at pretty much every aspect of this whole thing.

Stay tuned, there’ll be more news next week.



The Pledge campaign for album three, as you can see by that lovely new widget over on the right, has now passed the 400% mark.  Thanks again to everyone who has already pledged; if you haven’t, there’s still another 40 days so get involved!  For those that have already signed up, last week you would have had early access to a stream of the first new track from the album, but here it is now for everyone along with a nice video that quite literally speaks for itself:


The album will get a commercial release later in the year, but this way you’ll get it in your hands before anyone else, plus there are lots of fun exclusives that you won’t get elsewhere.  All this and the warm glowing feeling of doing A Good Thing.

On top of the Pledge-based excitement, we’ve also now announced a full UK tour, hot on the heels of the dates we’re doing with The Wildhearts.  Check out the Gigs page for the full list and get yourself down to a show or three!



Hello friends,Earth vs The Wildhearts 20th anniversary tour

And happy new year! We had a nice Christmas and hope you did too.

More interestingly, we’re doing some dates with The Wildhearts in April. We’re supporting on their ‘Earth Vs’ 20th Anniversary Tour, which will be brilliant, right? They’re doing two sets: one Earth Vs and one with a load of other stuff. Brilliant.

Anyway, here’s the dates:

  • Thursday 4th April – The ABC, Glasgow
  • Friday 5th April – The Academy, Manchester
  • Saturday 6th April – Rock City, Nottingham
  • Sunday 7th April – Wulfrun, Wolverhampton

These are four of our favourite venues and we’ve got a great set of old and new stuff for you. The new album will be out by then so hopefully you’ll know the words.

In other news, it’s Pure Rawk Awards time again – having done rather well in previous years, we kind of hope we might this year too. We’re up for Best Video (with our pals at AshTV), and Dave is up for ‘Axe Hero Of The Year’. Which he surely is, so get voting if that’s your thing. We’re always very aware of not asking you to vote for us in every single thing, as music isn’t a competition, but the way we feel about the Pure Rawk Awards is that we should let you know about it and you can decide from there. As much as anything, it’s a vote for independence. Anyway, lots of categories and lots of good music in there, so have a look.

The new album recording is going immensely well, and we’re hoping to have something to play you at the end of the week.

We think that’s about it for now. We’re finalising tour dates for April and May at the moment, so those will be up forthwith.

All the best, and hope to see you at a gig.



Hello again,

EM handwritten lyrics - click to see full size image

There’s a NEW TRACK AVAILABLE NOW on the Pledge page, but ONLY FOR YOU PLEDGESTERS. So go have a look and get involved if you haven’t already! Not only are you taking the power back from The Man, but your money is going directly towards funding our third and best album. Plus 10% of all proceeds go directly to our friend Tim Smith (Cardiacs), who remains in constant rehabilitation for brain injuries sustained when he suffered a combined heart attack and stroke.

There’s a COMPLETELY NEW PLEDGE now up, for the Christmas card/EM ‘Best Of So Far’ CD for your pals. More details on the Pledge site again, and below in the previous news item. They’re only £10 (UK) and you can buy as many as you want. These are to spread the word, and to fill the stockings of your nearest and, occasionally, dearest.

Also Chris has been beavering away on the handwritten lyrics this past few days. Every one is completely bespoke, written with a fancy fountain pen and framed, with different drawings and doodles. Each one ordered before December 17th will arrive in time for Christmas. A great gift for the more ardent supporter. Again, go to the Pledge site to have a look.

Cheers all.