Our Chris has been at it again, and the first single from his upcoming album is HERE!

It’s called Make Good Art and it stars multi-billion selling author and filmmaker Neil Gaiman on lead vocals… kind of.

It was recorded with Dave Draper at The Old Cider Press (Worcs) and Chris’s House Studios (Leeds… obviously). Mastered expertly by Dave too. James Hamilton on trumpet. Mad Gallica on gospel choir. And the MIGHTY Jason Bowld on drum duties. Everything else by me.

Video by Oly Edkins for No Focus.

It’s a call-to-arms for doing the best we can with what we’ve got in difficult times. Let’s have 2021!

This is the first song from the long-awaited follow-up to Life Is Often Brilliant… it’s called KALEIDOSCOPES and it’ll be out in April. Pre-order will kick off in March.

In the meantime, still available on the webshop are the EM facemasks and Chris’s ‘Very Best Of Quaran-Tour’ album, featuring a load of Eurekas tracks.

PLEASE spread this around as much as you can! THANK YOU!


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