Pure Rawk AwardsThanks to ALL who voted in the Pure Rawk Awards… we came home with FOUR (count ’em) trophies – Drummer of the Year (for Wayne), Bass Player of the Year (for Pete), Frontperson of the Year (for Chris) and Band of the Year (err… for Dave). We had a great night celebrating just how great our band is. I mean, how great our fans are. Thank you all so much for voting, it means a lot that people care about our little silly group. And cheers to Nix and all at Pure Rawk – brilliant people supporting great things.

Our new album BRAIN WAVES is FINISHED and ready to drop. There will be an online listening party next week, on Thursday 26th March, starting at 7pm. This means we put it online for you so we can all hear it together and have a natter about it online on places like Facebook and Twitter.

A good place to get involved is the Facebook fan page CHAMPIONS N’ UNDERDOGS. There’s loads of good people on there and everyone will be chatting about the album and the tour there.

We’ve got a new video coming very soon too, so keep your peepers peeped for that.

We’ll speak very soon, then…

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