Hello again you lot,

Welcome to our aptly-titled fourth album, BRAIN WAVES, named after the weird synapses that drive us: up, down and around.

I wouldn't go so far as saying it's a concept album, but there is a running theme throughout, which should become clear. I wanted to delve a little deeper than we normally do, lyrically, and take it into places a bit darker and more complex than maybe we're used to, whilst maintaining our usual form for melodies and hooks.

The idea was to do something a bit different, and something a lot more personal.

I find it difficult talking about stuff like this, and over the course of the album you will draw your own conclusions, but a lot of the time, I find being a grown-up a struggle, to say the least. What I wanted to do was draw a picture of how I felt (and still feel) at times, because some of my favourite music has helped me to understand that I'm NOT on my own. I suppose I wanted to repay the favour. Nowadays, I feel a bit like I've come out okay at the other end, and wondered if some of my experiences might be of interest or comfort to other people, like loads of my favourite albums are/were.

Now I've got the wanky bit out of the way, go ahead and enjoy the record. There's loads of information about it on these here pages, have a good delve, and I hope you take as much enjoyment from it as we put into it. (A lot.)

What do I think about it? I think it's our best music to date: it achieves what I wanted it to achieve when I started writing it last year. Everyone has pulled it out of the bag on this record - performance-wise all four of us are at the edge of our abilities (in a good way), and production-wise it stands up next to any modern rock record. (And I even still quite like some of the lyrics.)

This was our second foray into the reasonably new world of crowd-funding, and we had a better idea of how it could work for both us and you this time around. It's a two-way thing, this, and the idea is always to reward you for your faith in us. I only hope that Brain Waves goes some way to repay your loyalty. Thank you.

Chris X

(Photo by Tom Martin)