Words: Rich Jones (turningrebellion.com)

I’ve been doing artwork for Eureka Machines for a while and I’ve always liked the fact that Chris has generally had a vision of what he wants before we start working. We’d discussed the fact that, in my opinion (and his), the artwork generally worms its way into the feel of the music. Gold and muted yellow tones feel warm, rock & roll records like to use a lot of reds and blacks and hi-contrast images, etc.

We knew that we wanted this album to look clean and modern and reflect the step forward that the band had taken. I’d been lucky enough to hear a few early mixes and it’s hard to overstate how important it is to hear some music when you’re trying to nail down the right look for a record. So we had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to go with it.

Chris had the idea for the tattoo style artwork of the brain with the Japanese style waves flowing through it (drawn up by my friend and tattooist Steve Baron) but we were having some trouble reconciling that with a clean, modern style.

We experimented with some minimal silhouette styles for the head and that didn’t work and I considered some kind of phrenology-style image but that was too old-fashioned.

After a few ideas went back and forth, Baron came up with the 'brainwave' image that we ended up using and we decided we could put it in a different head-shape altogether, to give a kind of disconnected feel.

Eventually I took inspiration from the art direction of the movie Gattaca - a futuristic look with clean lines and cold blues and whites - and I came back to Chris with the robot head with the brain ‘engraved’ into it.

Once we had that the rest of the look came together pretty quickly. Chris knew that he wanted the slogans and I wanted to have them and the logo look like they were painted on a wall as part of the robot’s ‘world’.

Artistically this was a real departure for me. I’m really proud of how the artwork came together in the end and full credit to Chris for being willing to ditch all the old imagery that the band had and do something new. Coupled with the digipak I feel like we really got a look that suits the sound of the album and completes the vision that we’d set out to capture.